We Support Melissa Hernandez to be your next Dublin Mayor!


Alameda County Firefighters Local 55

Building and Construction Trades Council of Alameda County

Alameda County Democratic Party

Asian Pacific American Democratic Caucus of Alameda County

Casa Orozco


Public Officials and Community Leaders

Eric Swalwell,
Member of Congress
Tony Thurmond, California State Superintendent of Public Instruction
Rebecca Bauer-Kahan, CA Assemblymember, District 16
Rob Bonta, CA Assemblymember, District 18
Scott Haggerty, Alameda County Supervisor, District 1
Richard Valle, Alameda County Supervisor, District 2
Wilma Chan, Alameda County Supervisor, District 3
Libby Schaaf, Mayor, City of Oakland
Jerry Thorne, Mayor, City of Pleasanton
John Marchand, Mayor, City of Livermore
Barbara Halliday, Mayor, City of Hayward
Matt Rinn, Mayor, City of Pleasant Hill
Kevin Wilks, Mayor Pro tem, City of Walnut Creek
Sabina Zafar, Vice Mayor, City of San Ramon
Jean Josey, Councilmember, City of Dublin
Sean Kumagai, Councilmember, City of Dublin
Jerry Pentin, Councilmember, City of Pleasanton
Robert Carling, Councilmember, City of Livermore
Bob Coomber, Councilmember, City of Livermore
Trish Munro, Councilmember, City of Livermore
Kathy Narum, Councilmember, City of Pleasanton
Newell Arnerich, Councilmember (and 4-term Mayor), Town of Danville
Gabriel Quinto, Councilmember, City of El Cerrito
Tim Sbranti, Former Mayor, City of Dublin

Partial list only.  Titles are for identification purposes only. 


Ramez Bahu
Rip Bains
Eileen Barr
Rob Bastress
Dawn Benson
Catherine Brown
Suzzan Cabling
Leann Christanson
Liz Crocker
Kathy De Young
Kevin Deilson
Paulo Diaz
Bruce Fiedler
Isela Garcia
Vic Garcia
Heinz Gewing
Dana Graham
Rigoberto Ibarra
Pamela Johnson
Sonia Jones
KC Jones
Steve Kau
Karen Kam
Michelle Knobbe
Jeff Knobbe
Sweeti Law
Aleena Lopez
Barbara Luna
Laurel McMahon
Kerry Minor
Mona Morgan
Kathy Oliver
Regina Pepper
Leslie Portugal
Javier Ramirez
Prarthana Rawal
Rosa Rodriguez
Megan Rouse
Carla Slettvet
Pauline Takanaga
Michelle Thomas
Richard Thornbury
Jeff Tucker
Marylou Ureta
Colleen Vander Ende
Kevin Vander Ende
Karen Wang
Joseph Washington

Partial list only.  Titles are for identification purposes only. 

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